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What is the weather like in Perm?

Our outdoor programmes are tailored with consideration of the weather in the region. Usually there are three periods:

  • Winter season (WS): from late November till the beginning of April. It is favorable for all kinds of skiing activities. The snow lies on the ground in the taiga during the entire winter season, (up to mid-May in the mountains), in February-March it is up to 1.5 meters deep. Air temperature in December-January is from minus 10 C˚ to minus 15 C˚ in the day time and from minus 15 C˚ to minus 25 C˚ at night, the daylight period is 6-7 hours. Around New Year time night temperature can reach minus 35 C˚. Air temperature in March is from 2 C˚ to 10 C˚ in the day time and to minus 15 C˚ at night, the daylight period is 11-12 hrs.
  • Summer season (SS): from early May till mid-September. It is very good for rafting, trekking, horse-riding and cycling tours. Air temperature is always above zero. Average temperature is from 15 C˚ to 25 C˚ in the day time and from 10 C˚ to 17 C˚ at night. In June-July it may rise to 33 C˚, night time period is only 3-4 hours long. In May and September there are occasional night frosts on the soil or sometimes wet snow falls.
  • Off-season (OS): between mid-September and late November in autumn and during April in spring. It is good only for sight seeing tours. The weather is unstable. During this period the temperature varies from 10 C˚ to minus 5 C˚. It rains often; sometimes rain is mixed with snow.