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July 1, 2019

I loved Perm. I really did. I had a great, sunny time exploring the city and a great, rainy time exploring Perm-36, the country’s only restored forced labour camp dating from the Soviet regime, with Evrasia Tours. I also had one of the best meals of my entire journey at RisLapsha (Rice and Noodles) and incredibly, Perm also has a Kölsch bar decked out in Cologne’s colours. The tourist information centre also gave me lots of cool free stuff.

Perm is known as the first city in Europe (or last, depending on your preference) and honestly, coming from Siberia and Asia, Perm’s distinct European-ness seems to hit you square in the face. Perm feels a lot older than a lot of places I visited and the city really does have a lot of pre-Revolutionary buildings, lining its wide avenues. There are definitely a lot of markers of the Soviet Union and its industrialisation, but the centre of Perm feels very European and Tsarist.