The tours are offered in summer season. 

What is the weather like in Perm in summer


On the borders of Europe (6 nights / 7 days)
Going uphill and downhill — 81 km


Day 1: Tyoplaya Gora station. Transfer to the settlement of Srednyaya Usva (90 km, 3 hrs) by cross-country vehicle, earth road. Wooden hut.

Day 2: Drive to Mt Oslyanka (30 km, 2 hrs). Trek uphill to the pass from the altitude of five hundred metres (15 km, 6 hrs). Trek downhill to the swamp at the altitude of six hundred metres. Trek uphill to the altitude of seven hundred metres - the forest-line of Mt.Oslyanka. Tent.

Day 3: Traverse (14 km, 7 hrs) of Mt.Oslyanka (1119 m). Height difference - 400 m. Non-technical ascent of Oslyanka along a scree path and rocks. Descent to the forest zone. Tent.

Day 4: Trek along the deserted Gulag roads (20 km, 8 hrs). Descend to the Sukhaya river (8 km). Crossing the river. Ascent to the Tulyanka river source (8 km). Crossing a pass. Descent to the Usva river near crushed rock formations (4 km). Eranina village. Tent.

Day 5: Trek (16 km, 8 hrs).Crossing the Usva river. Ascent of Mt.Severny Baseg (920 m), 12 km with climb of 500 m, a path through the taiga (3 km), a scree path (9 km). Descent to forest line (4 km). Tent.

Day 6: Return ascent of Mt Sredny Basseg (994 m, 16 km, 8 hrs, taiga, bogs, rocks, scree). Banya. Tent.

Day 7: Transfer to Chusovoy (150 km, 3 hrs). Train to Perm (4 hrs).

Note: Weight of a rucksack: approx 15 kg for men, approx. 12 kg for women; without personal things).

At the gates of Siberia (5 nights / 6 days)
86 km, taiga


Day 1-3: Pashiya station. Transfer to the settlement of Kusye-Aleksandrovsky (12 km). Wooden hut. Treck to the Shaytan rock (sacred place of the Mansi - the indigenous people of this area in the old days) then to Ust-Koiva (18 km, 6 hrs, path, taiga). Banya. Wooden hut. Radial trek to Dyrovatye Ryobra rocks and the Chudesnitsa cave (21 km, 8 hrs, path, taiga, rocks). Visit to the cave. Wooden hut.

Day 4: Trek from Ust-Koiva village to the deserted Gulag camp “Stvor” (20 km, 8 hrs, path, taiga, rocks). Tent.

Day 5: Trek “Stvor” - Lake Goluboye - Glukhie rocks (15 km, 7 hrs, path, taiga). Tent. 

Day 6: Trek to Chusovoy (12 km, 4 hrs, path). Train to Perm (4 hrs). 

Note: Weight of a rucksack: approx 15 kg for men, approx. 12 kg for women; without personal things) 

Basegi (3 nights / 4 days)
24 km, 2 ascents


Day 1: Pashiya station. Transfer to the Basegi National Park (110 km). Tent.

Day 2: Ascent of Mt Sredniy Baseg (994 m, 16 km, 8 hrs, taiga, swamps, rocks, scree paths, height difference 300 m). Tent.

Day 3: Ascent of Mt Severny Baseg (920 m, 8 km, 4 hrs, path, rocks). Banya. Tent.

Day 4: Transfer to Chusovoy (150 km). Train to Perm (4 hrs).

Khokhlovka (1 nights / 2 days)
43 km, path, forest


Day 1: Transfer to the settlement of Gaiva. Trek along the Kama riverside through taiga to Khokhlovka (20 km, 4 hrs). Wooden hut.

Day 2: Trek through the pine forest to the settlement of Gaiva (23 km). Transfer to Perm (20 km).