The tours are available from December,1 till April,1.

What is the weather like in Perm in winter?

Individual CAR-1 (5 nights / 6 days)

Day 1: Arrival in Perm. Transfer to the hotel “Ural”. Free time.

Day 2: Breakfast. Perm. City tour. Art Gallery. Museums. Lunch in a restaurant. Khokhlovka. Lodging in the hotel “Ural”.

Day 3: Breakfast. Transfer to the museum “Perm-36” (105 km). Excursion to the museum. Transfer to Chusovoy. Accomodation in a ski resort “Takmanikha”.

Day 4: Breakfast. Mountain skiing. Evening transfer to Solikamsk city (146 km). Lodging in the hotel.

Day 5: Breakfast. Transfer to Kungur town (90 km). City-tour. Ice-cave. Lunch in a restaurant. Transfer to Belogorsky monastery (60 km).

Excursion to the monastery. Return to the hotel “Ural”.

Day 6: Breakfast. Free time. Transfer to to the railway station.

Tours for persons with skills in cross-country skiing

Individual SKI-1 (3 nights / 4 days)

Day 1: Perm. City tour. Circus or ballet performance. apartments.

Day 2: Transfer to the settlement of Gaiva (20 km). Ski march with snowmobile support (19 km, 5 hrs). Wooden hut.

Day 3: Ski march with snowmobile support (24 km, 6 hrs). Zapalta. Wooden hut.

Day 4: Skiing down the hills. Banya. Transfer to Perm (60 km).

Individual SKI-3 (1 night / 2 days)

Day 1: Transfer to the settlement of Gaiva (20 km). Ski march with snowmobile support (19 km). Wooden hut in the taiga.

Day 2: Ski march with snowmobile support (24 km). Zapalta. Banya. Transfer to Perm (60 km).

Individual SKI-4 (5 nights / 6 days)

Day 1: Arrival to Perm. Transfer to the apartment. Transfer to Pashiya by train

Day 2: Arrival to Pashiya. Wooden hut. Transfer by cross-country vehicle to Yst-Koiva (40 km).Hiking to deboutchment Permyakova and rock Dirovataya (6 km, 4 hrs). Dinner. Hiking to the cave Chudesnica (8 km). Camping

Day 3: Excursion to the cave.Hiking to the rock Ponish (5km). Camping

Day 4: the Cave Gluhaya (the camp of ancient people) along the river Ponish and the Chusovaya river. Camping near lake Goluboe (16 km, 5 hrs)

Day 5: Early breakfast. Going out of the Cave Gluhaya to the city Chusovoi. (11km, 3 hrs) Arrival to the city Chusovoi.Transfer to Perm by car

Day 6: Perm, city-tour. Transfer to the rail-way center.

Individual SKI-5 (4 nights / 5 days)

Day 1. City tour. Art Gallery. Museum. Circus or ballet performance. Apartments.

Day 2: Transfer to Chelyaba. Mastering skiing technique. Wooden hut.

Day 3: Ski march in the taiga (7 km, 3 hrs). Hunter’s lodge.

Day 4: Ski march in the hilly taiga (8 km, 3 hrs). Return to Chelyaba (7 km, 3 hrs.). Wooden hut.

Day 5: Belogorsky monastery. Return to Perm.