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Rivers and legends

There are many beautiful rivers in Perm krai. The Kama River is the main water artery connecting the region from its north to its south. The Kama is often argued to be even older than the famous russian river - the Volga. Some people say that it is not the Kama that runs into the Volga, it is the Volga that is the subsidiary of the Kama! We won't argue – let the scientists find out the truth! Let us enjoy the wild beauty of these places, forests, mountains...

The Vishera – another river which is loved by tourists and artists, and is surrounded with high rocks and green forests, and magic legends. Old people say, once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl, Vishera by name. And there were two young men, Vetlan and Polud, and both fell in love with Vishera. The young men were both smart and strong, so Visher couldn't choose one to marry. So the men decided to fight, and the winner could marry Vishera. Vishera was crying and entreating not to fight, but it was no use. They fought 7 days and 7 nights, and finally fell in a dead faint and turned into two big solid rocks... Despairing of doing something, Vishera turned into a beautyful full-flowing river and laid right between the rocks. And so they are today – strong and forbidding Vetlan and Polud, the rocks, and magically charming Vishera, the river...

Here you can watch a short video, which we found at (you may check the popularuty of the route: just try to search for vishera, and you will find out how enthusiastic people are about these places!)

Equipment. Useful tips

For the rafting trip you will be provided with all the equipment, meaning wet bags, sleeping bags and tents and so on. If you feel you’ll need rain boots then please inform your guide. Also if you don’t have any coats or warm clothes, please feel free to ask. Basically what you’ll need is a couple change of clothes, water-proof coat or jacket and a sweater just in case, light shoes that can dry fast in case they get wet and regular shoes to wear on camping stops. The forecast for the days of you trip is the following: day temperature +21 and +27 oC. Night temperature +13 and +16 oC. It is supposed to rain occasionally on the 30th and 31st of August, on the 1st of August it will get sunny again.

Please take with you sun protection, you can easily get sun burnt on the water. Apply sun protection for you face and hands and wear a light long- sleeve shirt. Take a bathing suit, you might want to bathe.

Attention: mosquitoes! There are plenty of mosquitoes on the camping sites, so please take repellents with you + any cream for itchy bites would be a relief. If you don’t have sun or mosquitoes protection, please tell you guide.