Cycle tours

 Cycle tours  

The tours are offered in summer season.

What is the weather like in Perm in summer?           

The Cupolas of Prikamye (3 nights / 4 days)             
Cycling — 156 km, country road, forest      


Day 1: Cycling to Chelyaba (50 km). Wooden hut.

Day 2: Cycling to Belogorsky monastery (47 km). Overnight in the monastery.

Day 3: Cycling to Kungur (59 km). Banya. Wooden hut. 

Day 4: City tour. Visit to the ice cave. Train to Perm (2 hrs).

Countryside along the Sylva river (2 nights / 3 days)             
Cycling — 96 km, surfaced road   

cycle-summer Day1: Cycling to Zalesnaya in the Sylva riveside (36 km). Dacha

Day 2: Cycling to the settlement of Troitsa (28 km). Dacha

Day 3: Return through the old city of Perm (32 km)
To the Sources of Old Russia (1 night / 2 days)             
Cycling — 66 km

trekking Day 1: Cycling along Perm streets and the storage dam to the settlement of Gaiva (20 km). Cycling to Khokhlovka (23 km). Banya. Wooden hut

Day 2: Museum. Return to Perm through the pine forest (43 km)