The Norwegians are searching for "perm"!
15 August 2014
It is a well-known fact that 30% of the world's oil and gas reserves are contained in rocks of the Permian geological system. Our region is unique in that outcrops of the Permian period can be found directly on the surface, while in many other countries the Permian strata occurs in the earth's crust. The name "Perm" is known to scientists all over the world, even to those who cannot find Perm on the map. It is so because it is the only geological system that has received a Russian name. British scientist R. Murchison singled it apart from the others as a result of his studies in 1841. This summer, under the direction of State University Professor V.P. Ozhgibesov the expedition to the Norwegian geologists from oil companies was held. "Evrasia" has been organizing geological expedition to the Urals together with scientists of the Perm University since 1991. The first experience was the International Geological Congress on Perm system, brought together with participants from 20 countries. Since there we were visited by scientists and oil companies from Italy, France, the United States and other countries.