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August 17, 2020
In July 2020 we made a rafting tour on Usva River with Eurasia Travel from Perm. We are a German Family working in Moscow and planned to see the Ural Mountains and wanted to included a  two day river tour on the beautiful River Usva. I have seen pictures of the  magnificent Usva-Pillars in the internet and wanted to go there with my little girls, aged 13, 7 and 5. Organization of the tour was made easy, since Alex from Eurasia Travel could fluently speak English and he helped me in preparing and gave advise in advance, what would be necessary to bring with us (sun protection, mosquito repellent etc.). All in all, they did in an alll inclusive way take care for the boat, the food, the tents, as well as the drive to the river and back. During the Corona lockdown Alex stayed in contact and luckily travel bans were lifted in time.

On the first day they picked us up from our stay in Perm with a spacious Minibus and a trailer. We drove around 4 hours and reached the village of Usva where the boat was inflated and the rafting started. The tour was going down streams for 38 km and should be done easily in 2 days. I goes next to some of the most spectacular cliffs, pillars and nice forested river shores in pristine nature. Our companions were Alex and Azat, both spoke very good English and worked at the university in Perm. Alex and Azat helped us paddling and told us about the sites by the river, so the whole tour we could enjoy the nature while paddling comfortably. We could see the river was a popular destination for many locals for bathing and camping, but after some turns we left most of them behind and had the beautiful nature almost for us alone.

On the first day we climbed the cliff of Usva Pillars, where we enjoyed the magnificent view on the river and the green mountains of middle Ural. Alex prepared a tasty borscht for lunch. The children could go swimming in the river. After passing the Pillars, we were almost alone on the river and rarely saw other people and only few boats. Paddling down the river was easy, the small children did not need to paddle and could bath when ever there was a good place for bathing, the water is not to deep and the current not to strong so it is quite safe and we had a lot of fun. On two occasions we stop at clear springs running directly into the river and could drink their fresh cold water. On the evening we camped on an island and got tents sleeping pads and sleeping bags and enjoyed the nice campfire and our dinner after sunset. Luckily we were reminded to take jackets with us, during the day it maybe hot, but the evening at the river can be quite fresh, as well, from dusk till dawn you have to protect against mosquitos.

Next morning showed us a bright sunrise and we went on through the wonderful nature always looking for the best way through the river, since it was quite shallow on some times and then we pulled the boat on many places we took a bath in the fresh water to cool ourselves. We were quite sad when we reached our last stop in Mys, a small village by the river, where we were picked up by the Minibus, the village has a little shop in an old house, where my children could enjoy some ice cream before driving back to Perm.

The whole tour was the highlight of our travel through the Ural Mountain. I would fully recommend it for families or everybody who want to enjoy original nature, the pillar and the view from there where magnificent, the loudness gliding of the catamaran boat on the calm river amidst the forest and meadows. The clear air where you can smell fragrance of flowering trees was something to remember. Since the boat was easy to handle and we had help by our travels guides the children could relax and enjoy the scenic panorama of the river. They were happy, and I was too. Thank you Alex and Azat for the nice trip and the insights you gave us.